We deliver quality

With a high focus on process control and an extensive experience with proppant engineering, we provide one of the world's top quality proppant.

Kuthban facilities are conveniently located in the United Arab Emirates supplying the latest and highest quality proppant to the United Arab Emirates and the region. Together with CVM International, our advanced technical R&D organization, we supply the region's finest ceramic proppant.


Products manufactured in a state-of-art ISO Certified facility.

With a high focus on process control, KB has a highly technical R&D organization, with extensive experience, that thoroughly understands Ceramic proppant development.

  • These factors, along with access to the highest quality raw materials in the world, have enabled to develop High Strength / high conductivity products.

  • All products are tested in the USA by our Quality Control team and independent lab for ISO compliance and certification.

  • We are ICV certified. We are committed towards growing and diversifying the local economy by implementing the highest in-country value standards.

THE KUTHBAN Difference

We are trusted by the World's leading oil & gas companies. Access to highest quality raw materials in the world, have enabled KIP to develop 10k - 29K PSI crush products. KB proppant crushes "Hemispherically".

Key Factors for Success

History of Success, Performance, Service, Quality Control and Reliability

High End Quality, Delivery and Technical Services in the UAE

Technology (higher crush, higher conductivity, lower fines)

Quality Control (from factory all the way to downhole)

Data Collection and Inspection